• PRICES RANGE FROM $15.00 - $75.00
    • garlic parmesan chicken wings
    • asian flavored chicken wings (sweet & hot)
    • hot wing drumettes! (extra hot)
    • lemon pepper wingettes
    • spicy wings (jerk seasoning)
    • fried chicken nuggets
    • chicken salad tortilla wraps
    • mini bagel pizza's
    • chicken quesadilla's
    • beef quesadilla's
    • beef empanadas
    • chicken empanadas
    • teriyaki beef meatballs
    • antipasto platters
    • variety dips: hummus, seafood, mexi black bean, quacamole, queso, etc.
    • sausage n peppers
    • miniature beef burger sliders
    • bbq chopped beef on mini bun
    • mexi bean-n-beef dip w/tortilla chips
    • "lil smokies"
    • cold cut platter – deli meats up to 3 varieties per platter
    • tuna salad on crackers or toast
    • salmon croquette's w/ tartar sauce
    • mini lasagna squares
    • butterfly jumbo shrimp w/ cocktail sauce
    • miniature sized baked potatoes topped w/"the works"
    • chilli cups topped w/ cheddar cheese
    • assorted cheese platter (up to 3 varieties)
    • jumbo stuffed deviled eggs
    • raw veggie platter w/ ranch dipping sauce (3 varieties of veggies)
    • cherry tomatoes & fresh basil leaves dressed in olive oil
    • fresh berries in a basket (up to 3 varieties of fresh berries) in season
    • specialty fruit platter (kiwi, strawberries, fresh pineapple chunks, etc.)
    • chocolate fountain (can accompany specified fruits, cheeses, etc.)


    1. Tomato basil
    2. Broccoli cheese
    3. Tortilla soup
    4. Veggie chicken
    5. Chowder soup
    6. Tomato basil
    7. Broccoli cheese
    8. Tortilla soup
    9. Veggie chicken
    10. Chowder soup


    1. Ham salad
    2. Turkey w/ swiss
    3. Fajita chicken wrap
    4. chicken quesadilla's
    5. Philly cheese steak

    All soup-n-sandwich combo's are $7.0 per person. Side salads, starchy sides, deserts, etc. can be added for additional charges. 

    Sandwich entre's

    (sandwiches can be full sized as entre's or mini sized as appetizers per customers request)

    • thinly sliced corned beef brisket
    • chopped bar-bq-beef brisket
    • hot link or bratwurst
    • smoked turkey & swiss
    • grilled chicken breast & pepperjack cheese
    • deli ham on cheddar
    • grilled sirloin 1/4 lb. beef burgers
    • tuna or chicken salad on toast
    • specialty deli  subs (made to order 3 or 6 inch)

    Full sized sandwich entre with 1 starchy side is $5.0 per person or $6.0 per person with 2 starchy sides. All forms of payment accepted. 


    Note: To customize a menu, select from one of 4 designated categories or entre's, i.e, picnic, homestyle, formal, or casserole (shown below). Select your meat and one or two sides from the same category. Scroll down to view the salad, veggie, and bread categories, and select your choices. Once all selections have been made, this will comprise your desired main menu. View the "unit cost" page to determine what your cost per person will be. This charge does not include labor, deserts, additional meats, salads, etc, which customer may request as additional items on their buffet. The unit cost page is an estimate of your base charge per person, however if more than one meat entre is desired, and/or if more than two sides are requested, your cost per person, will have to be calculated by the caterer.

    Picnic entre: (select 1)

    • fried chicken
    • bbq chicken
    • grilled sirloin burgers
    • grilled hot links/sausage

    Picnic sides: (select 1 or 2) 

    • potato salad
    • baked beans, or pinto beans
    • pasta salad
    • cole slaw, or carrot slaw

    Homestyle entre: (select 1) 

    • savory meat loaf
    • sliced bbq brisket
    • grilled pork chops
    • chicken fried chicken
    • salisbury beef w/ gravy
    • grilled catfish fillet's
    • mesquite grilled chicken

    Homestyle sides: (select 1 or 2) 

    • seasoned baked potatoes
    • skin on pan fried potatoes
    • maccaroni-n-cheese
    • black eyed peas
    • broccoli-rice-n-cheese casserole
    • sweet potato casserole
    • red beans-n-rice

    Formal dinner entre(select 1) 

    • seafood gumbo
    • smoked pork tenderloin
    • roast beef
    • cornish game hen
    • mushroom chicken           
    • salmon filet w/lemon butter sauce
    • chicken cordon bleu
    • shrimp lasagna

    Formal dinner sides(select 1) 

    • cornbread dressing
    • candied yams
    • wild rice pilaf
    • garlic mashed potatoes
    • yellow long grain rice
    • scalloped or baked
    • herb pasta in garlic sauce
    • veggie pasta in cream sauce
    • baked broccoli casserole

    Formal dinner's come with a soup or salad first course w/ tableside service. House's choice. 

    Vegetables(seect 1 or 2)

    • fresh green beans
    • bell pepper corn
    • baby carrots
    • collard greens
    • steamed broccoli w/ cheddar sauce
    • peas-n-pearl onions
    • cabbage
    • fresh mixed vegetables
    • creamed spinach
    • okra-n-tomatoes
    • peas-n-carrots

    Breads(select 1)

    • croissant
    • garlic bread stick
    • crusty french bread
    • buttermilk corn bread
    • spicy southwest cornbread
    • soft white or wheat dinner roll
    • sliced white or wheat plain bread
    • specialty buns (burgers, etc.)

    Additional starchy sides: (select 1 or 2 as substitutions, or additions to the main menu's listed above) 

    Purple Hull peas, English peas, spanish rice, herb seasoned bow tie pasta, chipotle pasta salad, brown rice * Desserts and Beverages may be charged seperately or added in the base price of the food, depending on the terms of the caterer's bid…



    • baked cheddar & meatball spaghetti casserole
    • "chicken Tetrazinni" , " chicken lasagna", or "chicken fetuccini w/ roasted peppers"
    • lasagna ravioli (savory layers of meat, cheese, herbs)
    • beef-n-bean burrito's or enchilada's-(topped with cheeses, chives, & black olives)
    • chicken or beef enchilada's/ burrito's
    • "jazzy jambalaya" (features 2 – 3 meats); chicken, cajun sausage, shrimp
    • sausage casserole- (sausage,peppers,& maccaroni pasta in a creamy white sauce)
    • beef stew- (fresh vegetables, potatoes, tenderized meat, & herbs)
    • savory, 3 alarm chili w/ beef and beans (served over rice)

    (some may  be substituted & for a vegetable or priced seperately) 

    • shrimp pasta
    • fresh fruit (seasonal)
    • green pea
    • spinach leaf
    • tuna, egg, or chicken,
    • crab meat in pasta
    • lettuce & tomatoe
    • broccoli salad, carrot salad, cucumber salad

    (Specialty desserts , i.e wedding cakes, sheet cakes, etc. are subcontracted)

    • Wedding cakes
    • sheet cakes
    • peach cobbler
    • bananna pudding
    • sweet potato pie
    • pound cake
    • pecan pralines
    • chocolate or blonde brownies
    • chocolate chip cookies
    • strawberry cheese cake

     Homestyle desserts range from $1.0 to $2.50 per person. Subcontracted desserts
                                            charged at cost, w/ delivery and set up fees applied as applicable. Cost for
                                            subcontracted desserts will vary depending upon the clients' requests. 


    • flavored teas
    • fruit punch
    • flavored lemonade's
    • soda's
    • bottled waters
    • coffee

    1 picnic entre/ 1 side/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread/  1 beverage = $7.50 per person

    1 picnic entre/ 2 sides / 1 veggie/ 1 bread / 1 beverage = $8.00 per person

    1 picnic entre/ 2 sides/ 2 veggies/ 1 bread / 1 beverage  = $9.00 per person


    1 homestyle entre/ 1 side/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread / 1 beverage = $9.0 per person

    1 homestyle entre/ 2 sides/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread/ 1 beverage = $9.75 per person

    1 homestyle entre/ 2 sides/ 2 veggies/ 1 bread/ 1 beverage = $11.00 per person

    formal – 1 formal entre/ 1 salad / 1 side/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread / dessert / beverage  = $15.00

    formal – 2 meat entre/ 1 salad/ 1 side/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread/dessert = $18.00 per person (w/ tableside service add 18% gratuity for wait staff)

    1 casserole entre/ 1 veggie/ 1 bread = $6.50 per person1 casserole entre/ 2 veggies/ 1 bread = $7.50 per person


    Salads (green leafy salads may be substituted for 1 hot veggie) ; additional side salads may be priced from $50. cents to $2.00 per person depending on the selections

    Soup – n- sandwich combo's are $7.0  per person (jumbo portion sandwiches)

    Brunch menu is priced $8.0 per person (beverages are included in base price)

    Sandwich/ 1 side = $5.50 per person

    Sandwich / 2 sides = $6.50 per person

    Desserts may be $1.0 – $3.0 per person.  Specialty desserts which are subcontracted will be charged at cost, with an applicable delivery and handling fee being applied.  Desserts are not included in the base price.  Desserts are optional, and if desserts are selected, the cost per person must be added to the unit cost per person listed above.

    Beverages: Generally are included in the base price of the meal, unless specified otherwise in the bid.  All beverages are non-alcoholic.  Additional beverages are charged at cost.

    Note:  These prices are averages. Website does not get updated with the same regularity that food prices and supplies go up.  Caterer has sole discretion in adjusting the price per person to fit the budgetary guidelines of each individual client.  The unit cost per person, as disclosed on this page does not represent the sum of all charges.  Additional costs will be incurred for adding extra entre's/sides, etc., to the base menu options.  Supplies/inventory, rentals,labor charges, and taxes,must be added to the base price in order to obtain an exact calculation of all charges.  Caterer will itemize these charges in the clients requested bid.These prices are good faith estimates only.  Caterer has sole discretion in adjusting the price as it is deemed necessary.